Vision Statement

Message from the CEO

Welcome to BEAT, an ambitious company which is big on technology. Our mission is fundamentally “To Make Digital Happen Profitably” by offering a full suite of professional services to technology-driven companies as well as financial services and entertainment industries. We seek to revolutionise business by combining our experience, knowledge and technology in various professional fields with specialist skills in the selected industries. Through our key business pillars, we are uniquely positioned to serve our customers across their entire business life cycle: from start-up to sale.

In their infancy, technology start-ups need to ensure to set up the appropriate structures and systems to comply with the legislation of that particular jurisdiction. We help these start-ups along the way through the provision of Incorporation, Licensing and Outsourcing services in several jurisdictions including Malta, United Arab Emirates, Gibraltar, Estonia, Cyprus and Switzerland, either directly or through our business partners. Our focus is to ensure that our clients achieve a seamless and painless transition to comply with the rules of the relevant jurisdiction in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner with complete peace of mind of having professionals taking care of their non-core activities. At the same time, we recognise that most of these start-ups are run by excellent and innovative technology-driven people who might lack experience in the art of entrepreneurship. This is where our team comes in with sleeves rolled up, to help you Shape your Vision, Objectives, Strategy and Business Concept but more importantly making it happen…

As your business starts growing, we recognise that you start experiencing teething problems and more importantly your bootstrapping efforts wear thin, both in terms of funding and in terms of time available, to juggle between growth and managing the operations. The best entrepreneurs recognise the need to work for the business and not in the business. To be able to make the transition, BEAT helps you Boost your business by leading you through a structured approach in Securing Funding and Formalising your organisation to help you access new talent, whilst decentralising decision making.

Once your business reaches maturity, you will start experiencing the uncomfortable pains of old age which include the accumulation of fat in your business processes, loss of agility in decision making and in some cases apathy in your innovative capability. These symptoms, if left untreated, will stifle growth and could lead to eventual business death. In today’s technological age, the only way in which your organisation can sustain and beat the competition is to embrace Digitalisation as a core element of your business strategy. Our team can help you make the most of digitalisation through our tried and tested methodologies for undertaking a Digital Readiness Assessment, Development of a Digital Roadmap and the Design and Implementation of critical Digitisation Projects. Above all we help you along the most difficult and arduous part of the process which is facilitating change in your organisation. We undertake this delicate task by assisting your staff to embrace the new paradigm.

At BEAT we treat your business as our business and we believe that if we make you prosper, we also follow suit. It is within this ambit that we consider our relationships with customers as long-term partnerships as opposed to what other consultants refer to as “transaction services”. Above all, we would be more than happy to welcome you in our family to assist you to grow progressively by lending you a helping hand at each stage of the process.

David Galea
CEO & Founder