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David Galea

David Galea

B.Com (Hons) C.P.A. M.B.A. (Warwick)

Chief Executive Officer

David Galea, founder of BEAT Limited, is an Innovative Digital Transformation Advisor with over twenty years international advisory experience. He has led a number of high profile projects, including the roll out of 4G with one of the major telecom players in the UK, together with various digitalisation strategy and implementation programmes in the financial services, energy, and manufacturing sectors.

David has been particularly active in assisting innovative technology start-ups in developing new business models and monetisation strategies, using blockchain as an underlying technology to disrupt existing industries. He has also been assisting start-ups through the issuing ICOs, as well as by accessing Angel Financing, Venture Capital Financing and EU funding through Horizon 2020. Moreover, he is supporting various established players in developing an appropriate technology roadmap, with a view to leveraging and exploiting the benefits of blockchain, IoT and AI within their own business model.