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In partnership with leading international training, events and conferences organisers, we offer a pool of expert training resources offering a wide range of topics within our field of specialisation We strive to source and supply expert speakers who bring with them a wealth on industry knowledge and experience, that is disseminated in the most effective manner through an interactive style of learning for the attending delegates at an international level.

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Lean Digitalisation

Through Lean Management practices we streamline processes, identifying and eliminating process waste streams, making value-adding activities more effective and efficient. Structured digital readiness assessments, enable us assess the appetite of organisations to digitalise their operating model, generating higher revenue opportunities and delivering greater value. We handhold clients through disruptive change management in exploiting emerging technologies, introducing innovative solutions using a mix of technology platforms.

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BEAT Group is a niche specialist focusing in the provision of advisory and corporate services to technology start-ups and established players in the fintech, media, entertainment, communications, and technology industries. At BEAT, we are dedicated in supporting clients to leverage and achieve value from their business models. We do this by providing dynamic, innovative and value-driven solutions in a professional, efficient, and consistent service through an established culture of team member learning to provide exceptional service to our clients.

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